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Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Commends Oregon House for Passing Extreme Risk Protection Order



July 6, 2017

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Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Commends Oregon House for Passing Extreme Risk Protection Order

SB 719 now goes to Governor Brown’s desk for signature

Salem, Oregon (July 6, 2017)  — Today, the Oregon House passed SB 719 by a vote of 31-28. SB 719 establishes a process to remove guns from dangerous individuals through an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO). The bill previously passed the Oregon Senate with bipartisan support and will now head to Governor Kate Brown’s desk to be signed into law.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Legislative Director Christian Heyne issued the following statement:

“ERPO will be a lifesaving tool in Oregon. By giving law enforcement and family members the tools to remove guns from those at risk of harming themselves or others, ERPO is a step towards reducing gun violence in all its forms. Sensible policies like Extreme Risk Protection Orders allow those on the front lines to take action and remove firearms before tragedy strikes. We would like to thank Senator Burdick and her staff for all of their hard work on this important legislation. We encourage Governor Brown to sign this lifesaving measure into law.

“This bill would not have passed without the leadership of the Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety. We are proud to stand beside them as we work to draft, pass, and enact legislation to protect Oregonians from gun violence.”


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