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Imagine a Future Free from Gun Violence

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Imagine a Future Free from Gun Violence


CSGV Statement: Veterans Bill Rushed Through House; Passes on Mostly Party Line Vote -

“HR 1181 is a poorly written, irresponsible, half-baked piece of legislation that is essentially a blank check for the NRA. The language in this bill is so broad and confusing that its own sponsor cannot explain how it would work. It would put veterans who are at risk of suicide in danger, yet Republicans are scrambling to ram the bill through without consideration of these heroes’ lives.”

CSGV Statement: House Committee Reports Bill That Could Increase Risk of Veteran Suicide -

“If members of Congress are serious about combating the high number of veteran suicides, they did not show it today. Rather than working towards a bipartisan solution, Republicans are attempting to railroad intentionally vague legislation through Congress without an adequate hearing. Their ultimate goal seems to be the blanket restoration of gun rights regardless of whether or not these veterans are at a heightened risk of dangerousness. By rushing HR 1181, lawmakers show they are more interested in carrying water for the gun lobby than protecting the lives of American heroes.”

Background Checks Continue to Decline Under Trump -

For the third month in a row, newly released numbers from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Checks System (NICS) show a decrease in background checks relative to the previous year. Only 1,203,438 checks on handgun, long gun, multiple, other, and private sales were performed in February 2017 compared to 1,383,373 in February 2016.

CSGV Statement: NRA’s LaPierre Prepares for War with New Target in Mind. -

“In the past, Wayne LaPierre has rallied NRA members by speaking of a tyrannical government coming to take away their guns. For a long time, that message worked. But now, with the NRA’s mouthpiece-in-chief installed as president, the NRA’s number one target is the ‘violent left’ — protesters who disagree with Trump’s dangerous agenda. LaPierre characterized these Americans as ‘anarchists, Marxists, and socialists’ who hate ‘everything America stands for.’ In typical LaPierre fashion, he peppered his speech with violent imagery and equated American opposition to Trump with terrorism and treason. As Trump works to ‘deconstruct the administrative state,’ LaPierre is mobilizing his militia to support the Trump state. Political dissenters are now the target, but fear and divisiveness are still LaPierre’s central message.”

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