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Imagine a Future Free from Gun Violence

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Imagine a Future Free from Gun Violence


CSGV Statement: Fort Lauderdale Shooting Illustrates Need For Gun Violence Restraining Order Laws in More States -

“While the facts are still emerging, policymakers across the nation should remember that there are legislative options to provide preventative tools to law enforcement and concerned family members. California and Washington state have recently enacted laws that allow courts to temporarily remove firearms from individuals displaying signs of dangerousness (Gun Violence Restraining Order in California and Extreme Risk Protection Order in Washington).

Firearm Homicide Rate Increased 20 Percent in 2015 -

“Congress continues to wring their hands while a record number of people are dying,” said Josh Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. “The 20 percent increase in the gun homicide rate should serve as a sobering reality for Congress and the incoming Trump administration to come together to address our nation’s gun violence epidemic.”

Americans Vote to Strengthen Laws to Prevent Gun Violence -

Yesterday’s election results further confirm public support for policies to reduce gun violence. In three of the four states where strong gun violence prevention initiatives were on the ballot, the measures passed. All of the measures were opposed by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Following Historic Campaign, CSGV Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Following Historic Campaign, CSGV Endorses Hillary Clinton for President -

If Hillary Clinton is elected to be the next President of the United States, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence will have an ally in the White House who is committed to reducing gun deaths and injuries. She knows that 33,000 American lives lost to guns each year is not the price of freedom. Under a Clinton administration, the gun violence prevention movement will have a leader we can trust. Her historic candidacy has shown that she is serious about saving lives.

CSGV Virginia State Director: Virginia Senator Tim Kaine Shows Eagerness to Address Gun Violence; Governor Mike Pence Runs From the Issue -

“Nearly ten years ago my daughter was shot at Virginia Tech, less than 150 miles from where the candidates for Vice President spoke tonight. Following that horrific day in Blacksburg, I saw the leadership and compassion of then-Governor Tim Kaine as he vowed to do everything he could to ensure the lives lost that day were not in vain.”

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