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Imagine a Future Free from Gun Violence

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Imagine a Future Free from Gun Violence


Ten Years After Virginia Tech Massacre, Survivor and CSGV Virginia State Director Reflects on Progress -

“After Virginia Tech, I dedicated my life to fighting for stronger gun laws. It has been a difficult road. In ten years, we have encountered challenges and heartbreak, but we have also seen positive change. We have seen gun violence prevention go from an issue no politician wants to talk about to an issue candidates build their campaigns around. The gun violence prevention movement has become more politically organized and impactful than ever, with more activists, donors, and volunteers joining the fight each day.”

Trump’s Silence on San Bernardino Shooting Reflects Apathy on American Gun Violence -

“As the tenth anniversary of the massacre at Virginia Tech University nears, we recall then-President George W. Bush’s comforting words following the tragedy. President Bush — no enemy of the gun lobby — knew when to put politics aside and use the power of the presidency to speak to a wounded nation. When President Trump is faced with the next Virginia Tech, Aurora, Charleston, Newtown, or Orlando, will he be able to find the right words? Will he even care?”

CSGV Statement on North Park Elementary School Shooting -

Domestic violence shooting at North Park Elementary School shows the danger of armed abusers — both for intended victims and the general public. San Bernardino, CA (April 11, 2017)  — A shooting described as a murder-suicide unfolded Monday morning inside a San Bernardino elementary school. In what is thought to be a domestic dispute, a 53-year-old male […]

CSGV Statement: Governor Martinez’s Veto Endangers New Mexican Women -

“Today, Governor Martinez failed the women of New Mexico by vetoing a bill that passed with bipartisan support. A woman’s risk of being murdered by an abusive partner increases fivefold if there is a gun in the home, and abusers often use guns to intimidate their victims. By removing guns from domestic abusers, this law would have helped protect the lives of New Mexican women. Governor Martinez’s shameful veto of this life-saving bill implicitly denies the irrefutable link between guns and domestic violence.”

CSGV Statement: Senate Breaks the Rules to Confirm NRA’s Nominee -

“Trump and his NRA puppet-masters now have a reliable vote in Neil Gorsuch. This stolen seat was one that the gun lobby invested in, and NRA leaders now expect a return on that investment. Between their unprecedented obstruction of Merrick Garland and their willingness to fundamentally change the rules, Mitch McConnell and his unscrupulous colleagues have shown they will stop at nothing to give the NRA what they want.”

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