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Anti-LGBTQ Quotes from NRA Leaders

Chris Cox, Executive Director of NRA Institute for Legislative Action


“The media tells our children [famous transgender American] Bruce Jenner is a national hero for transforming his body, while our wounded warriors whose bodies were transformed by IEDs and rocket-propelled grenades can’t even get basic healthcare from the VA.” Source

Jeff Cooper, Former NRA Board Member


“Reluctant as we may be to compliment a dictator who prefers to be addressed as ‘Comrade,’ we are compelled to do so in the case of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. He officially refers to homosexuals as ‘perverts who do not deserve civil rights.’ In [Mugabe’s] words, ‘Let the Americans keep their sodomy, bestiality, stupid and foolish ways to themselves.” Source

“In current usage the solecism ‘homophobe’ has begun to intrude. Upon analysis this term signifies an irrational terror of being the same. It is used to designate one who is disgusted by sexual perversion, in which sense it is quite incorrect, because fear or terror, either reasonable or unreasonable, is implied. Perhaps we should all brush up on our Greek.” Source

Wayne Anthony Ross, NRA Board Member


“[The 2009 Anchorage Homosexual Rights Ordinance, which outlawed employment discrimination against LGBTQ people] seems to give extra rights to a group whose lifestyle was a crime only a few years ago, and whose beliefs are certainly immoral in the eyes of anyone with some semblance of intelligence and moral character. It is a shame that you folks don’t have some causes you could become involved in that are of benefit to society in general. Instead, you support degenerates.” Source

Ken Blackwell, NRA Board Member

“If love and commitment make a marriage, why cannot brothers and sisters marry? Or fathers and daughters? What the District [of Columbia] Council has done [in legalizing gay marriage] is to open the door to polygamy, to incest.” Source

“The [Supreme Court, after it found same-sex marriage to be a constitutional right in Obergfell v. Hodges] went a long ways towards delegitimizing itself. This issue is far from settled. We are witnessing the unraveling of the cultural foundation of this country that has made us an exceptional nation.” Source

“When you see there’s a crumbling of the moral foundation of the country, you see the attack on natural marriage and the family that has been a part of…not only the moral foundation and the upbringing of our children but the teaching of sexual roles and the development of human sexuality in our culture. When these fundamental institutions are attacked and destroyed and weakened and abandoned, you get what we are now seeing and that is a flood of these disturbed people in our society that are causing great, great pain.” Source

Ted Nugent, NRA Board Member

“I got to tell you, guys that have sex with each others’ anals cavities… How can we offend guys that have anal sex? Don’t you think that might offend some of us who think that’s despicable?” Source

“If the NBA had any true gay convictions, the NBA should host a Homosexual Night. During halftime, the homosexuals could come down on the court, hold hands and prance around the court to music by the Village People. The NBA could then give each homosexual a pink basketball as a symbol of solidarity.” Source

“I am repulsed at the concept of man-on-man sex. I think it’s against nature. I think it’s strange as hell.” Source

Chuck Norris, NRA Spokesperson

“Is encouraging or teaching about homosexuality what our forefathers expected for the public education they founded? Even the most liberal among them opposed it … I do believe that we should equally and adamantly oppose such aberrant sexual behavior from being condoned or commemorated in our public schools through textbooks or a so-called ‘Day of Silence.’” Source

U.S. Rep. Don Young (R-AK), NRA Board Member

[In response to a question on why he disapproves of gay marriage]: “You can’t have marriage with two men. What do you get with two bulls?” Source

“[The National Endowment for the Arts has funded] photographs of things that are absolutely ridiculous, people doing offensive things, butt-fucking… You think that’s art?” Source






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