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October is Domestic Violence Encouragement Month for Pro-Gun Activists

MDA DVAM GraphicEach year, our country observes Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), Domestic Violence Awareness Month evolved from their “Day of Unity,” which was first conducted in October 1981. The intent was to connect advocates for battered women who were working to end violence against women and their children. The Day of Unity soon became a special month when a range of activities were conducted at the local, state, and national levels.

This year, the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) is observing Domestic Violence Awareness Month with programs aimed at calling attention to the fact that nine women are shot and killed by their husband or intimate partner every week in America, and that has pro-gun activists hopping mad. They have responded with a wave of misogyny and intimidation that reinforces the threat that firearms pose to women.

Jerry Bradley Comment to MDAFacebook is one of the primary venues for this hate. First are the faux Facebook pages like “Moms Demand Bedroom Action” that pro-gun activists have created. Then there are comments like that of pro-gunner Jerry Bradley of Forth Worth, Texas, who became enraged upon learning that MDA chapters are active in his state. “Get the fuck out of Texas move to California and be with your kind,obama cock sucking whores,” he told them.

Hypo DV Comments 1Some of the ugliest missives continue to come from “The Hypocrisy and Stupidity of Gun Control Advocates” Facebook page, which is administered by John Keel of West Babylon, New York. Earlier this month, Keel posted one of MDA’s graphics to the page, mocking their efforts to curb domestic violence (“waffles” here is Keel’s shorthand for “twat waffles,” a derogatory term that he and his pro-gun supporters use to describe women who advocate for tougher gun laws).

Hypo DV Comments 2The comments in response to Keel’s posts were gruesome. Jimmy Lee wrote, “Hmmmm. Never mention that women just abort or poison there victims , or burn them, or run them over with cars, or usually stab them….” Jamie Buchite wrote, “What do the 9 have in common??? Not 1 knew when to shut the fuck up. Bitch bitch bitch dead…. oops.” “Big Hoss” said, “of course those women do nothing to incite this. It’s all the dirty evil man’s fault.” And Kevin Lanigan of Chicago, Illinois added, “I hate to sound sexist when I say this but there are many women who are just idiots and go back to their abuser again hoping he’ll ‘change’ and then end up dead because of it.”

BearingArms Comment 2The tone has been similar this month on pro-gun blogs. Take, for example, a post that pro-gun activist Bob Owens of Raleigh, North Carolina published at on October 7, 2013. Entitled “Moms Demand Anti-Male Hysteria,” it lead to a misogynist feeding frenzy in the comments field. Pro-gun activist Mike Sullivan of Clinton, New York remarked, “If those women didn’t cheat on the man he probably wouldn’t have shot her. In most countrys thats the law. If obama is successful in bringing shariah law to America, it will be the law here too. You can’t trust women and you can’t trust obama..” “Would they rather be thrown out of windows?” asked pro-gunner Barry Barnett of Lucasville, Ohio. Finally, there was Stephen Henderson of Montgomery, Alabama. “I’ll shoot the Bitch dead that messes with me!” he informed the world.

Dirk Diggler CommentRobert Farago, a pro-gun blogger at “The Truth About Guns,” has also been on a crusade against MDA because of their focus on domestic violence, writing a series of angry posts on October 7, October 9, and October 20. “There’s no level of emotional manipulation to which they won’t sink to achieve [their] goal,” Farago wrote in his October 7th post, to which commenter “niceguns” responded, “Moms demand action. we reserve the right to be bitches without any repercutions. How would you like to be married to one of those bitches.” On October 9th, Farago decried an editorial (“Time to Block Gun Violence Against Women”) that MDA founder Shannon Watts wrote for Reuters along with Chelsea Parsons of the Center for American Progress. A commenter calling himself “Dirk Diggler” then posted Shannon’s home address and suggested gun owners go there. Farago let that comment stand, along with others that were sexually aggressive in nature.

NathanRedBeard CommentFarago got down and dirty with his audience in his October 20th post, which dealt with his participation in the “Line in the Sand” rally organized by Open Carry Texas and other insurrectionist pro-gun groups at the Alamo on October 19, 2013. At that event, Farago encountered a Moms Demand Action activist who stopped by (MDA was holding its own rally that day in San Antonio)  “At first I thought the Mom from Moms Demand Action was just being a bitch,” Farago recalled, referencing the fact that the MDA activist refused to consent to an interview with him for his blog. Farago then mocked her for confessing that she was frightened by the sight of hundreds of heavily armed Americans preaching armed revolution at the famed battle site. Referring to her as a “hoplohphobe”—a term made up by misogynist/ultra-racist NRA board member Jeff Cooper to describe an individual with an “irrational” fear of guns—Farago explained that she sought him out that day because she “want[ed] an alpha to take control.”

Perhaps Farago is unaware that violence—like his pointed accusations—is used as a way of demeaning and controlling women, to keep them in a subordinate position to men. Or maybe he simply fails to appreciate irony.

Whatever the case, pro-gun activists have turned Domestic Violence Awareness Month completely on its head. Under their grim tutelage, this special, peaceful observance is nothing more than a means to keep the sights of angry men focused on women who dare to disagree with them.

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  • Joachim Amato: December 2, 2013 2:25 pm

    I have been embroiled in a local gun control debate here in Western NY. One of these geniuses sent me the following post as he tried to justify his right to kill with any weapon he saw fit: “And there is nothing wrong with “killing”. We would not eat a thing if we did not engage in KILLING. Even a vegan understands that the lettuce head is going to be killed when eaten. And in this truth your point is destroyed, revealing nothing more than an empty, emotional, ignorance-fueled position, that neither makes sense, nor hold a shred of truth.” This guy appears to know very little about the world around him, yet he can buy an assault weapon.

  • Kaaren Haldeman: October 23, 2013 1:03 pm

    Thank you, CSGV for exposing not only the misogyny of these gun rights extremists, but also the threat of violence–sexual and other–that we endure every day as we work for sensible gun regulation in our country. Comments sections, FB pages, etc. are favorite spots for gun bloggers here in NC to spew the same vitriolic hatred for women while claiming they are the “good guy with a gun.” One extremist told one of our mothers, “If I see you being raped on the sidewalk, I will laugh and keep on walking.” The language of rape to both advocate for every man to own a gun (i.e.,”So I can protect my wife/girlfriend/daughter from being raped”) is in the next breath used to berate and threaten any woman who disagrees with their stance. In this heavily gendered debate, mothers are not backing down from these confrontations, but we also know in our hearts that we have put a target on our backs. The American people need to know that these people are out there, inciting hatred for women who disagree with them. We are mothers. Our first and most important job is to protect our children as best we can even if we sacrifice our own safety in doing so. Please continue out-ing these people who, in my opinion, make up a hate-group in our midst and should be treated as such by authorities and society alike.

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