Icon for Military to Gun Extremists: Thanks, But No Thanks

Military to Gun Extremists: Thanks, But No Thanks

In the wake of the mass shooting at a recruiting center and base in Chattanooga, extremists are pushing their predictable “More guns!” campaign at the U.S. Military. Unfortunately for the NRA & Co., the defense community is having none of it.

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The Psychology of Gun Ownership

Several studies conducted in recent years have given us great insight into the psychology of gun ownership; meaning the beliefs and behaviors frequently exhibited by gun owners and the motivations behind them keeping weapons.

Icon for Inside the NRA Convention: Five Impressions

Inside the NRA Convention: Five Impressions

Every year, it is fascinating to observe the National Rifle Association leadership and the group’s faithful at their annual meeting. This year, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV), was able to obtain audio recordings and photographs from inside the convention—including the closed-door “Ted Nugent: Freedom is not Free and We the People Must Keep It Alive!” event.

Icon for Grit and Grandeur

Grit and Grandeur

“The Whole Gritty City” is a documentary about young students in New Orleans playing in three different school marching bands. New Orleans has a proud history as one of America’s most musical cities, but also casts a shadow as one of its most violent. Louisiana has the second highest gun death rate of the 50 states and some of the weakest gun laws in the nation. Municipalities like The Big Easy are prohibited by the state legislature from enacting any local gun laws tougher than the bare state minimum.

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Still I Rise

The way I view the world and myself can best be explained by a poem by Maya Angelou entitled, “Still I Rise.” The poem speaks of facing adversity but still having the strength to rise and be the pillar that God intended. This poem has always resonated with me because of my story.