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Stay Informed

Tell President Obama and Senate Democrats: Stand up to the NRA and Support your Nominee for Surgeon General

Vivek Hallegere MurthyThe National Rifle Association (NRA) has mounted a campaign in opposition to President Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General of the United States: Dr. Vivek Murthy. The reason for the NRA’s opposition? Dr. Murthy believes that gun violence is a public health issue in the United States and has expressed support for policy reforms to address the problem.

The NRA has made it clear they will score Senators’ votes on the nomination and that has given some Democrats cold feet. They are concerned about their chances for re-election in states where the NRA exerts influence, and are considering breaking with the President on this nomination.

There is no legitimate reason to do so. Dr. Vivek Murthy has impeccable credentials. He works and teaches at at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, started a software technology company to improve the efficiency of clinical trials around the world, and serves as president of Doctors for America.

Put simply, there is nothing in Dr. Murthy’s background to suggest he would fail to provide the “best scientific information available on how to improve [the public’s] health and reduce the risk of illness and injury.”1

Tell President Obama and Senate Democrats: The NRA has no business interfering in decisions that affect the public health of this nation. Defend Vivek Murthy vigorously and get him confirmed as Surgeon General.

  1., “About the Office of the Surgeon General”

Tell President Obama and Senate Democrats:

You must stand together and fight the misguided attempt by the gun lobby to prevent the nominee for Surgeon General from confirmation.
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