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Tell iHeartRadio: Do Not Award Shock Jock's Mockery of Gun Violence

This Sunday, iHeartRadio will host their annual music awards show. In addition to honoring top 40 staples like Drake, Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars, iHeartRadio will award “Talk Personality of the Year” to Michael Berry.

Michael Berry is a conservative talk radio personality out of Houston, Texas. He has made a name for himself by hosting a weekly segment called “Butcher Bill” during which he mocks the victims of gun violence.

As Media Matters reported, Berry also uses his platform to:

  • Play “bingo” and other games with the injuries of gun violence victims
  • Encourage citizens of Chicago to make “earmuffs” by covering their ears if they don’t want to “hear shots and feel pain”
  • Use inflammatory rhetoric, including calling for a proposed mosque to be blown up & defending a KKK billboard

By honoring Michael Berry this Sunday, iHeartRadio is endorsing his cruel hate speech. Sign our petition to tell iHeartRadio: Do NOT award Michael Berry the “Talk Personality of the Year” award.

Tell iHeartRadio: Do Not Award Michael Berry’s Hate Speech.

Tell iHeartRadio

Do Not Award Michael Berry's Cruel Mockery.
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