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Tell Florida Atlantic University President John Kelly: Fire Professor James Tracy Immediately

James TracyUPDATE: Just hours after this petition campaign was launched on December 16, 2015, Florida Atlantic University issued a statement indicating that it had served James Tracy with a notice of proposed discipline recommending his termination by the university’s vice provost for academic affairs. Tracy was given ten days to file an appeal, but failed to do so. On January 5, 2016, FAU formally terminated Tracy’s employment.

James Tracy is a professor of communications at Florida Atlantic University, but he is better known as a leader in the dangerous world of gun violence conspiracy theorists. As the co-author of a new (unpublished) book entitled “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” Tracy has actively promoted the idea that the 2012 mass shooting was a hoax.

Tracy has also personally attacked the parents of Noah Pozner, a 6 year-old who was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, accusing them of being “conspirators” who have profited “handsomely from the fake death of their son.”1 Tracy even sent Lenny and Veronique Pozner a certified letter demanding proof that Noah existed.

Despite widespread criticism and controversy that has caused significant damage to their reputation and ability to attract students, Florida Atlantic University has failed to respond appropriately to Tracy, “reprimanding” him for his comments, but failing to terminate his employment.2

Tenure is supposed to protect academic freedom, not personal attacks on parents grieving the loss of their murdered children. Jame Tracy’s behavior goes far beyond anything the University should be trying to protect. Furthermore, conspiracy theory is the antithesis of the intellectual rigor that Florida Atlantic University claims to promote on its campus.

Tell Florida Atlantic University President John Kelly: Fire James Tracy immediately.


  1. Tom Boggioni, “Florida Professor Taunts Sandy Hook Parents and Accuses Them of Faking Kids’ Massacre for Money,” Raw Story, December 14, 2015
  2. Lenny and Veronique Pozner, “Sandy Hook Third Anniversary: Two Parents Target FAU Conspiracy Theorist” Sun Sentinel, December 10, 2015

Dr. John Kelly

Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy has trivialized the horror of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary by claiming it is a hoax. His personal attacks on parents whose children were murdered in the shooting are also beyond contempt. Fire James Tracy immediately.
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