Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Regulate the Carrying of Guns in Public

Weak laws in more than 40 states are allowing individuals with misdemeanor criminal convictions, DUI offenses, past domestic abuse restraining orders, and histories of voluntary commitment to psychiatric institutions to carry loaded handguns in public. And training requirements—if there are any—are never more rigorous than a single day-class in instruction.

Despite these problems, the NRA is currently pushing to allow the carrying of loaded firearms in public spaces across America—including K-12 schools, colleges, churches, parks, airports, metro transport, restaurants, and even bars.

Public safety is jeopardized when lightly screened, poorly trained individuals bring guns onto our streets. Please sign this petition calling on state legislators to enact tougher laws to regulate the carrying of loaded firearms in public.

Tell State Legislators:

Weak, NRA-drafted laws are allowing lightly screened and poorly trained individuals to carry loaded firearms on our streets. This presents a direct threat to the safety of our families and communities. Pass legislation immediately to tightly regulate, and limit, this activity.
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